Anti-Microbial Thermosetting Powder Coating

Anti-Microbial powder coating prevents the spread of dangerous micro-organisms across a wide range of application and suppress the growth of mold and bacteria. Anti-bacterial finishes are available in all combinations like epoxy, epoxy polyester and polyester versions. Anti-bacterial powder coating should be regularly washed with warm water and mild liquid detergent followed by a fresh water rinse to maintain the attractive appearance and aesthetics of the powder cured film. The use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended nor is the use of active organic solvents. Superior finish and application time makes it an ideal choice for White Goods & Furniture, Pharmaceutical equipment and industry, inlcuding air conditioning ventilation systems.

Physical Properties of Formulation

Powder Properties Sample Values
Gel Time @2000C 167 sec
Particle Size Distribution < 32 μm 32.00%
Particle Size Distribution < 63 μm 94.20%
Particle Size Distribution < 80 μm 99.80%
Particle Size Distribution < 100 μm 100%
Storage Stability @250C 6 Months
Test Panels
a) Degreased, derusted, phosphated, passivated 110 X 64mm, 0.5mm thick M.S. Sheet.
b) Degreased, chromated, passivated 110 X 64 mm, 0.6 mm thick, Aluminum Sheet.

Powder Application

Powder Properties Sample Values
Gun Voltage 50-70 KV
Curing Temprature 200o C (Metal Temperature)
Curing Time 12 Mins
Recommended Film Thickness 50-70 μm

Coating Performance Properties

Cured Film Properties Method Standard Observation
Finish ASTM-D-1729 Matte Finish Matte Finish
Gloss @60o Head ASTM-D-523 10-15% 12%
Cross Hatch Test* ASTM-D-3359 GT-0 GT-0
Salt Spray Resistance ASTM-B-117 500 Hrs. Passes
Humidity Resistance DIN-50017 500 Hrs. Passes
Impact Forward Kg. cm. ASTM-D-2794-69 100 min. Passes
Impact Reverse Kg. cm. ASTM-D-2794-69 100 min. Passes
Conical Mandrel ASTM-D-522 6 min. Passes
*- GT-0 ~ Excellent / GT-10 ~ Bad