Pure Epoxy Thermosetting Powder Coating

Epoxy powder coating are thermosetting powders based on epoxy resin. They have excellent corrosion & chemical resistance. Epoxy powders are specially formulated to provide protection against corrosive & chemical environments. It provides extremely ruggedized exterior to the substrate its applied increasing product in-service and shelf life across a spectrum of usage like Hating & Lighting equipment, electrical & household appliances, Internal automotive equipments, metal outdoor furniture, Test Lab quipments, automobile underbellies to name a few.

Physical Properties of Formulation

Powder Properties Sample Values
Gel Time @2000C 170 sec
Particle Size Distribution < 32 μm 32.00%
Particle Size Distribution < 63 μm 94.20%
Particle Size Distribution < 80 μm 99.80%
Particle Size Distribution < 100 μm 100%
Storage Stability @250C 6 Months
Test Panels
a) Degreased, derusted, phosphated, passivated 110 X 64mm, 0.5mm thick M.S. Sheet.
b) Degreased, chromated, passivated 110 X 64 mm, 0.6 mm thick, Aluminum Sheet.

Powder Application

Powder Properties Sample Values
Gun Voltage 50-70 KV
Curing Temprature 200o C (Metal Temperature)
Curing Time 12 Mins
Recommended Film Thickness 50-70 μm

Coating Performance Properties

Cured Film Properties Method Standard Observation
Finish ASTM-D-1729 Dead Matte Finish Dead Matte Finish
Gloss @60o Head ASTM-D-523 0-5% 3-5%
Cross Hatch Test* ASTM-D-3359 GT-0 GT-0
Salt Spray Resistance ASTM-B-117 1000 Hrs. Passes
Humidity Resistance DIN-50017 1000 Hrs. Passes
Impact Forward Kg. cm. ASTM-D-2794-69 100 min. Passes
Impact Reverse Kg. cm. ASTM-D-2794-69 100 min. Passes
Conical Mandrel ASTM-D-522 6 min. Passes
*- GT-0 ~ Excellent / GT-10 ~ Bad