Paint Polyurethane Aliphatic Exterior Eco Friendly low VOC Coatings

Growing concern for Ecofriendly coatings which are environmentally and personnel friendly has seen the industry gearing up for the need and thus the advent of Low VOC coatings.

Aether Polyurethane Coating is compliant to MIL PRF 85285,High Solids Type 1 Class H. The paint fully fulfills the requirements of the Specified maximum Limits of VOC and VOHAP contents making it an Eco-friendly Coating. The Coating is free of Cadmium, Lead and hexavalent Chromium.

This High-performance coating is excellent for platform exteriors to withstand the combat zone rigors and climatic extremes and terrains, ranging from sub-saharan to high altitude operating zones. Highly abrasion resistant it provides long lasting protection to the platform exteriors maintaining the aesthetics and longevity of the platforms hull.

Physical Properties of Formulation

Viscosity of Mixed Paint @300C ASTM D 1200 50 Seconds (Max)
Specific Gravity@300C ASTM D 1475-85 12.00±0.50 Kg/ 10L
Fineness of Grind ASTM D 1210-05(2014) < 20 Microns
Flash Point (Closed Cup) ASTM D 93 > 200C
Volatile Organic Compound ASTM D 3960 < 340 Grams/Ltr
VOHAP Content ASTM D 3271 < 24 Grams/Ltr

Performance Properties of Dried Coating

Specular Gloss @600 ASTM D 523-14(2018) In between 0-5
Color IS 5, Pantone, RAL & Fed Std 595-C ΔE<1
Mandrel Bend Test ¼“ ASTM D 522 No Sign of Damage, Detachment or Cracking
Resistance to Heat IS 101 (Part7, Sec 3) No appreciable change in Color
Dry Abrasion Resistance (Taber Abrasion ) ASTM D 4060 < 125 Mg. Loss @1000 cycles
Adhesion by Tape test ASTM D 3359 Minimum Rating of not Less than 4A
Solvent Resistance (MEK) ASTM D 5402 withstands 25 Double rub
Dry Film Thickness ASTM D 1005-95 (2013) 30-40 Micron
Resistance to Humidity Under Conditions of Condensation IS 101 (Part6, Sec 1) No Sign of Corrosion in 500 Hours
Salt Fog Resistance ASTM B 117-19 No signs of Flaking, Blistering & Corrosion
Accelerated Weathering ASTM G 155 After exposure Specular Gloss:
Full Glossy : min 80 G.U.;
Semi Glossy : min 15 G.U.;
Camo Matte : max 5 G.U.;
ΔE< 1.0 when compared to an unexposed sample of the same batch using CIE LAB color coordinates.

Application Areas

Aether high durability, polyurethane topcoat is designed for use as both an internal topcoat for aircraft structural components as well as an external topcoat for military aircraft and land-based defense equipment's including platforms.

Application Instructions

The surface should be sand blasted adhering to SA 2.5 specifications. Surface should be free of oil, grease, dust and loose particles. For mechanical cleaning surface should be sand blasted to min. ST 2 standards. Soundly prepared surfaces will lead to a better paint application. When used over old coating systems, the surface must be clean, dry and properly anchored.

Application Data

Application Method Brush Roller or Spray
Cleaning/Thinning PU Thinner
Thinner (Volume) 5-7% depending on method of application
Conventional Spray Requirements 50 psi
Airless Spray Requirements 2200 psi
Nozzle Size 0.018''
Mixing Ratio (By Volume) 2:1 (v/v)
Pot Life @30°C 8 hours

Safety, Handling, Storage, Shelf Life:

Store in a cool ( ~25°C ) and dry area, and keep away from direct sun light. For detailed handling procedures please refer to product's MSDS. When stored properly, product has a 1 Year shelf life.