Paint Polyurethane Aliphatic Exterior Coatings For War Equipments & Land Platforms

Combat Equipment is exposed to a wide variety of terrain complexity coupled with extreme climatic conditions demand that the metal body of the equipment be thoroughly protected to ensure equipment's performance and service life.

This Matte Finish Polyurethane Coating is specifically recommended for War Equipments, multi-component chemically cured product that forms a film that is resistant to chemicals, solvents and abrasion. This coating has excellent adhesion to most substrates. The Coating is free of Chrome and Lead Pigments, limits are < 90 PPM.

Physical Properties of Formulation

Viscosity of Mixed Paint @300C ASTM D 1200 40-60 Seconds (Max)
Specific Gravity@300C ASTM D 1475-85 12.00±0.50 Kg/ 10L
Fineness of Grind ASTM D 1210-05(2014) < 15 Microns
Flash Point (Closed Cup) ASTM D 93 > 200C

Performance Properties of Dried Coating

Specular Gloss @600
Semi Gloss
ASTM D 523-14(2018) 0-5
Colors IS 5, Pantone, RAL and Federal Standard 595-C ΔE<1
Mandrel Bend Test ¼“ ASTM D 522 No Sign of Damage, Detachment or Cracking
Resistance to Heat IS 101 (Part7, Sec 3) Passes the test
Dry Abrasion Resistance ASTM D 4060 > 125 Mg. Loss (Max) @1000 Cycle
Adhesion by Tape Test ASTM D 3359 >= 4A
Solvent Resistance (MEK) ASTM D 5402 The Coating Withstands 25 Double rub
Dry Film Thickness ASTM D 1005-95 (2013) 30-40 Micron
Resistance to Humidity Under Conditions of Condensation IS 101 (Part6, Sec 1) No Sign of Corrosion in 500 Hours
Salt Fog Resistance ASTM B 117-19 No signs of Flaking, Blistering & Corrosion
Accelerated Weathering (500 Hours) ASTM G 155 Matte coated camouflage colors show no cracking, chalking, loss of adhesion, or increase in the Gloss Values to the Original, post Exposure.
Semi Gloss shows min of 30 Gloss Units post exposure ΔE < 1.0 when compared to an unexposed sample of the same batch using CIE LAB color coordinates.

Application Areas

This Coating is recommended for very high anti corrosive, chemical resistance (CARC) & weather resistance requirements. It remains unaffected in direct contact with sea water & heavy applications where a tough, resilient finish is required.

Painting System

Priming Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer Air/Airless Spray
Putty Unsaturated Polyester Putty By Knifing/Spatula
Surfacer PU Surfacer Air/Airless Spray
Finishing PU Topcoat Air/Airless Spray

Surface Preparation / Cleaning

The surface should be sand blasted adhering to SA 2.5 specifications. Surface should be free of oil, grease, dust and loose particles. For mechanical cleaning surface should be sand blasted to min. ST 2 standards. Soundly prepared surfaces will lead to a better paint application. When used over old coating systems, the surface must be clean, dry and properly anchored.

Application Data

Application Method Dipping, Flow Coating or Spraying
Cleaning/Thinning PU Thinner
Thinner (Volume) 5-15% depending on method of application
Conventional Spray Requirements 50 psi
Airless Spray Requirements 2200 psi
Nozzle Size 0.018''
Mixing Ratio (By Volume) 5:1 (v/v)
Pot Life @30°C 8 hours

Safety, Handling, Storage, Shelf Life:

Store in a cool ( ~25°C ) and dry area, and keep away from direct sun light. For detailed handling procedures please refer to product's MSDS. When stored properly, product has a 1 Year shelf life.